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Lila Bhawa Indonesia Dance – UK

Lila Bhawa dance group was set up by its Creative Director, Ni Made Pujawati, back in 2002. She brought with her one of Bali’s most beautiful old gamelans, the rare seven-tone Semar Pagulingan, Puja Semara Kanti, and senior dancers and musicians to teach and perform in the UK. Ni Madé Pujawati is dancer-in-residence with the […]

Indonesian Migrant Workers Union (IMWU)

Indonesian Migrant Workers Union (IMWU) is a union of migrant workers for foreign domestic workers from Indonesia who is in Hong Kong,Register in the Register of Trade Union (RTU) No. 958. IMWU is the transformation of an association called the Indonesian Group-Hong Kong (IG-HK) was established in 1993 and listed on the Hong Kong Society […]

Angklung Eindhoven

Angklung Eindhoven is an angklung ensemble established in September 2010. The group has attracted more than 25 active members, mostly are Indonesian and international students from Eindhoven University of Technology and Fontys University of Applied Science, as well as Eindhoven local residents. Angklung Eindhoven is a non-profit organisation, with a mission to introduce angklung to […]