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Angklung Eindhoven

Angklung Eindhoven

Angklung Eindhoven is an angklung ensemble established in September 2010. The group has attracted more than 25 active members, mostly are Indonesian and international students from Eindhoven University of Technology and Fontys University of Applied Science, as well as Eindhoven local residents.

Angklung Eindhoven is a non-profit organisation, with a mission to introduce angklung to wider public in the Netherlands and Europe. We have a broad repertoire ranging from classical and opera music, Indonesian traditional and folksongs, to world pop songs. We strive to perform the angklung at the high musical standard. In our previous concert, we collaborated with baritone soloists and choirs, as well as incorporated other instruments such as piano, cello, and contrabass.

Website: www.angklungeindhoven.com
Facebook: AngklungEindhoven
Youtube: Angklung Eindhoven

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