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The Indonesian School of Bangkok was established in the 6th of October 1962 by the Embassy of the Republic of Indonesia, after the cooperation between the Foreign Ministry and the Ministry of Education and Culture. It is located in the area of the Indonesian Embassy, at 600-602 Petchburi Road Bangkok 10400, Thailand. The Indonesian School of Bangkok comprises a kindergarten, an elementary school, a junior high school, and a senior high school, which are located in one complex. After being closed for several years, the kindergarten was reopened in 2007.

Although the Indonesian School of Bangkok has small amount of students and teachers, it doesn’t make a big matter. This makes everybody cuddle like a family. All of them make friends to every student. None of them dislikes, harasses or assaults each other. This is because every student are involved in almost all activities programed by the school. So if a student has a problem, another student or group will encourage or help him/her solve it. In that case, every student here helps each other willingly.

We impose all subjects taught like in other schools in Indonesia, except Thai language which is regarded as local content lesson because it is for students’ survival in this country. We also provide extracurricular activities which are held after school from Monday to Friday, except Tuesday. All students should take part in Tae Kwon Do for their own self defense and all elementary students must join Scouting while those of junior and senior schools must join ‘Karawitan’ or Javanese traditional music. Elementary students may choose football or badminton, while junior and senior high school students can play volleyball together the teachers. The purpose of these activities is to make students a skillful person and head on their education or life.

Diving deeper into the school info, this school has little amount of classrooms which can cover maximum 6 students. Students join certain classes like English by native speaker and Thai together because of the limited time of the teachers.

Since 2009, the Indonesian School of Bangkok has implemented “Kurikulum Tingkat Satuan Pendidikan”, or the School-based curriculum, but it just developed the curriculum around 60% of the target. This is because the numbers of the teachers are limited, so that most of them are lack of time to prepare it. Since 2010, it has developed it into 80%, and the document is more complete.

There are around 66 students and 16 teachers in the Indonesian School of Bangkok. Almost all teachers teach multilevel and multi subjects. A teacher must be able to teach any subject needed. This factor makes a teacher multipurpose regarding the small amount of teachers mentioned above. School hour starts at 8 a.m. and finishes at 3 p.m.

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600-602 Petchburi Road Bangkok 10400 Thailand