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The history of American food trucks dates back many years as mobile dining and street food have been part of American’s dining habits since forever! These days, food trucks have taken a front seat in the world of American street eateries and are part of an ongoing food revolution. Due to the impressive diversity of cultural backgrounds and flavorful options, consumers will be able to add variety to their seemingly boring brunch/lunch options and they can try something new or different with little to no consequence. All in all, this mobile food industry offers myriad advantages to both operators and consumers; with the food truck explosion on the gastronomic scene, everyone seems to be a winner.

Sonny Setiantoko (a native Indonesian immigrant and Satépreneur/Chef/Restaurateur) started the success of his culinary endeavor from a brick and mortar family-operated restaurant called “Satay Sarinah” which for decades has been serving delicious Indonesian cuisine in all its authentic traditional glory using old handed down family recipes. Through many years, the awards and accolades that Sonny received from the local food industry remain to be a true testament to his main focus on fresh (halal) ingredients, quality service, value for money, and most importantly- good honest food!

Somehow, in his heart of hearts, Sonny always knew that he would eventually expose his restaurant to a more diverse populace. He believed that with the support from existing customers and loyal fans, his concept would evolve to reputable mobile eatery- giving him a viable chance to successfully share his food, his taste and his passion with everyone else outside the restaurant.

Nowadays, during lunch hours, you can see Sonny and his gang roaming around the Washington D.C. streets in his tricked-out Saté Truck! A long line of hungry Washingtonians patiently waiting for Sonny’s succulent Chicken Saté, crazy good Beef Stew Rendang, flavorful “Braised Chicken Noodle”, aromatic “Chicken Curry” and the highly coveted “Vegetarian Mie Tofu” is nolonger a rare sighting in the D.C. metro neighborhood. In other occasions- when Sonny is not busy handling catering-services, he can be seen manning Satay Sarinah Restaurant in Alexandria, VA.

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Saté Truck c/o Satay Sarinah512A South Van Dorn St.Alexandria, VA 22304