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“Proudly brings you through a journey of diversified Indonesian culinary experiences.”

Blessed with ideal condition, even today an immense variety of crops, vegetables, and seasonal fruits flourish providing a plentiful supply of natural ingredients. Indonesian cuisine is an ancient art, part of the rich cultural heritage, treasured, and well preserved handed down from generation to generation for centuries. In the land of geographical and cultural diversities, the local cuisine of each of the region of Indonesia offers a refreshing culinary experience as one travels across the country. The use of a diverse range of fragrance herbs and aromatic spices in the cuisine gives Indonesian food its distinctive flavor and adds to the good health properties of Indonesian dishes. Thereby, creating the sense of well-being.

“Our culinary team is always at your service”

Our paramount commitment is to our customers who deserve the best quality meals. Our culinary team is proud to represent our customers to handpick the best ingredients in the market and delicately prepare them to uphold traditions of excellence.

“Our twin inspirations-excellence of pleasure and gratitude are the foundation of our customer service”

Indonesian hospitable service believes that customers’ smile is our happiness. It is our pleasure to welcome you as a special guest and our highest gratitude for the opportunity to let us serve you. Please let us know if there is anything else we can do to ensure your dining experience more enjoyable.

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Shop 69 Level 5, 1 Dixon Street Sydney NSW 2000