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Indonesia, aptly dubbed the spice islands centuries ago by European spice traders, is a chain of more than 13,000 beautiful islands stretching across more than 5,000 miles of the equator. Indonesia’s many different islands & regions, from Sumatra in the west to Irian Jaya in the east, have each developed their own traditional culinary dishes. The diversity of each region’s culture, local herbs and spices & taste have resulted in a rich variety of the highly flavorful cuisine collectively called “Indonesian.”

Soe Bin & Yunita started Borobudur Restaurant over 16 years ago at the original location on Geary Street in San Francisco. In 1994, they moved to the present convenient location on Post St. If you come to Borobudur Restaurant, you can find various authentic Indonesian cuisine including tropical drinks from many different regions. Known as San Francisco’s most popular Indonesian restaurant. Asian Week had it right when they said we serve the best Indonesian food in the Bay Area!

Since 1991

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700 Post Street (at Jones) San Francisco, CA 94109