30 September 2015
Zaal 1 – Invitation only
17.45 – Kebaya Pengantin
19.00 – Cerita Cibinong

1 October 2015
Zaal 5 – Register for free
17.00 – Berbagi Suami
19.15 – Ca bau Kan

2 October 2015
Zaal 5 – Register for free
15.00 – Arisan
17.30 – Arisan II

About Nia Dinata

Before the political reform of 1998, producing films in Indonesia was almost impossible unless the filmmakers belonged to an elite group of pro-regime film organization that served the ministry of information. The ministry had to read every screenplay and gave the approval before every film got made. In the beginning of the reform era, however, the new elected president dismantled the Ministry of Information and this marked the birth of Indonesian new wave of filmmakers. Nia Dinata was one of them. With Ca Bau Kan (2001), she bravely tackles interracial marriage issue between an Indonesian and an Indonesian Chinese minority using Dutch Indies colonial period as the setting. The film was considered brave because all literature, films and art that have Chinese-Indonesian aspects were banned before the reform by the dictatorship regime. Cabaukan was the first film that openly talks about the issue.

Nia won an award for Best Promising New Director in the Asia Pacific Film Festival, Seoul, Korea in 2002 for her directorial debut in Ca Bau Kan. The film also won Best Art Director in the same festival. In 2003, Ca Bau Kan was selected by the Academy of Motion Picture Arts & Sciences to be screened for a candidate of Foreign Film nomination at the Oscar. Read More…

Location: Filmhuis Den Haag, Spui 191, 2511 BN Den Haag